Nov. ⟪Transition Navigator⟫ @ Gallery OOOJH

Sep. ⟪Material Cloud⟫ @ Art Spcae 0

Mar. ⟪2nd JGJJ Challenge : Exhibition Game⟫ @ JGJJ

Feb. ⟪Todays⟫ @ Keep in Touch Seoul

Jan. ⟪Studio Picnic⟫ @ instagram : yoh.hur

Transition Navigator

Group Show with 4 other artists (Kang Jungin, Kim Sohee, Kim Hanna, Joo Sla), curated by Park Jihyung and Kim Jaeyeon with the support of Louise the Women. The artists consider their art medium as a transposer of the message they want to say.

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Material Cloud

Duo Gallery Show with an artist Oh Yeon Jin.

Explored the clay-like materiality of beeswax medium making the series of <Earthen>. Referenced hand scratching technique found on ancient pottery.

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2nd JGJJ Challenge

Participating artists and their works were kept secret over the preparation period. Experimented how the artists would react on big uncertainty of the show.

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Collective Exhibition of LOUISE THE WOMEN.

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Studio Picnic

Due to the widespread of COVID19,

Had Open Studio Online. The works shown are

inspired by nature and its color.

Photographs were taken outdoors.

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